Our Vision

Usutu Forest School intends to offer an education which caters for the total development of the child.
The school believes in the acceptance and appreciation of individuals of every culture, creed, sex and race and values the right to education for all.
We believe that change is a constant factor of life and that education should develop personal values and thinking process that will enable intelligent participation in a changing world.

Our Values

At Usutu Forest School we believe our Vision and Mission Statement can be achieved by:
  • Developing a positive self-value in each child.
  • Encourage and recognizing each child’s special gifts and attributes.
  • Developing self-discipline, independence and responsibility.
  • Respecting the individuality and diversity of all.
  • Cultivating family involvement in school activities.
  • Attracting, developing and retaining staff of the highest quality.
  • Inculcating caring attitudes and actions towards all.

Our Mission

To deliver a holistic education which includes the mastery of specific and general skills and the development of personal discipline.
To instill in our learners the view that learning is an unbroken activity continuing throughout life and that formal education must provide the training and skill for independence of thought, the faculty of critical inquiry, the courage to explore and an understanding of difference.
To develop a learner who is responsible, caring, self-motivated and who is capable of contributing to our global community.


14.07 2017

Grade 7 Cake Sale

15.07 2017

U11 Soccer and Netball Festival @ Enjabulweni

15.07 2017

U9 and U11 Soccer and Netball Festival @ Enjabulweni

19.07 2017

U14 Soccer and Netball vs Sifundzani @ Usutu

21.07 2017

Cycle Tests Begin: No Sport

22.07 2017

U14 Soccer and Netball Festival @ Waterford

28.07 2017

Cycle Tests End

28.07 2017

Cycle Tests End

28.07 2017

Pre-Primary Sports Day

31.07 2017

Sports Resume

02.08 2017

Relay Meeting @Mavuso (TBC)

04.08 2017

Grade 4 Cake Sale

05.08 2017

Inter-Schools Athletics @ Thembelisha

09.08 2017

Grade 3 Fun Day

10.08 2017

Inter-Schools Cross Country @ Usutu

15.08 2017

Grade Four's depart for Mlilwane

16.08 2017

Grade Four's return from Mlilwane

18.08 2017

School Closes at 11h00

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